Prince Edward County Heritage Label Series

October 21, 2021

Did you know that Prince Edward County was once called the "Garden County", known for its outstanding locally grown produce? In the early 20th Century, about 75 independent vegetable canneries had sprung up, canning this produce, and selling it across Canada and the world. These various canneries were led by competitive entrepreneurs who were always trying to find a way to make their goods stand out. As a result, these businesses created countless whimsical, eye-catching food brand labels. These historical labels have long since disappeared from grocery shelves, and are now out of site and almost forgotten. But we are about to change this...

We are proud to be launching a limited run of products celebrating these classic labels and their histories. Sprague Foods has partnered with local heritage groups and non-profits to bring back many of these County brands out of the museum and into the stores.

The goal of the project is to celebrate the County's rich canning history and raise money to support local heritage organizations. 100% of profits will be donated to these causes.