prague Foods Limited
is a HACCP recognized facility employing the most advanced in-container sterilization and cooking system in the world to optimize cooking quality while preserving nutritional qualities.

Organically certified, Sprague Foods produces private label products for both Canadian and US markets.

Specializing in healthy, vegetarian products including both conventional and organic pureed, chunky and cream based soups, beans and refried beans, puddings and a variety of Ready to Serve (RTS) dishes. In addition to items in our product list we provide complete service including:

  • Product Development
  • Thermal Process Development
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Label Compliance
  • Transportation to all Canadian & US destinations


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385 College Street East Belleville, Ontario Canada K8N 5S7
Telephone 613.966.1200

Fax 613.962.8600


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