About Us

Sprague Foods Limited is a BRC certified facility employing the most advanced in-container sterilization and cooking system in the world to optimize cooking quality while preserving nutritional qualities in both metal and glass containers.

Organically certified, Sprague Foods produces private label products for Canada, the United States of America and other global markets.

We specialize in healthy, organic, all natural, kosher and vegetarian products including shelf-stable Beans, Savoury Beans, Baked Beans, Refried Beans, Bean Dips, Hummus, Soups, Sauces and Desserts.

In addition to items in our product list we provide complete service including:

  • Product Development
  • Thermal Process Development
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Label Compliance
  • Transportation to all Canadian & US destinations

Our History

In 1925, J. Grant Sprague founded the J.G. Sprague & Sons Canning Co. in Mountain View, Ontario. They began processing tomatoes and pumpkins but gradually increased production lines to include tomato juice, tomato puree, corn and raspberries. During the 1920's and 30's the canned goods from the Mountain View plant were shipped via boat from Belleville and Picton to Montreal, Toronto and Western Canada.

J. Grant Sprague was involved in several businesses. The 1930 Prince Edward County Yearbook shows him as a canner, grocer, postmaster and owner of the Sprague Telephone Company which was based in Mountain View.

After a couple of years of operating the canning company, J. G. Sprague handed the operation over to his son Jay, who increased the local market by delivering his canned goods to small grocery stores in the surrounding area. Jay operated the cannery successfully for the next 40 years.

Following Jay's death in 1967, his son Roger Sprague and wife Dana took over the operation. One of their first priorities was constructing a new plant across the road from the old factory in 1968. They changed the name of the company to Sprague Foods Limited and continued canning local products until 1976 when they ceased canning tomatoes.

The changing markets led the company into new product lines. Roger said, "We focus our production on specialty products. We have an enduring commitment to providing superior value to our customers and our belief in quality has allowed our products to reach an ever-growing customer base."  Today, the company cans a variety of beans, prepared bean products, soups, and gourmet sauces.

Two of Roger and Dana's three sons, joined the family business after graduating from University. Daniel spearheaded the construction and design of the new plant in Belleville, putting his engineering degree from the University of Ottawa to task prior to starting his own food processing business. Rick is applying the skills he acquired from his doctorate studies in food processing at the University of Guelph leading the company in the development of new product lines.

A new building was started in May 1994 in Belleville. The latest technology was used to construct a building to meet the highest food plant sanitation standards in the food industry. The building is located on College Street in Belleville, Ontario and is five times the size of the original factory in Mountain View.

The success of this company is attributed to several factors including a strong emphasis in all four generations on innovation in the area of food science and technology and the culinary arts. Roger and Dana transformed the company into a year-round operation when they built a new plant in 1968 at Mountain View, recognizing the financial limitations of operating a seasonal business in the highly competitive food industry, especially when facing much larger competitors. The company developed a market for special varieties of canned beans which for many years appealed mainly to "ethnic" groups. Today, several of these products as well as many new and exciting prepared beans, soups and sauces are being enjoyed by a very diverse consumer base as health awareness and dietary habits improve, and as Canadian cuisine matures.